Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas Time!

I love Christmas Time! It's a Holiday with Christ's Name and Chris' Name all in one, What a Day!
So we have Had a great Christmas Time. It might run a whole in our pockets, but it is always worth it ;). First off, we've been wanting to do Sub-for-Santa for someone we know, but the family we were planning on, seems to have moved away without telling anyone. So we had to figure something else out. Then it hit us! Not literally, please calm down, we're all okay, even though the snow is higher than the car tires... but I digress... so there is a young single mom who is interested in the Church, and has been listening to the misisonaries. Her boyfriend took off, leaving her alone with a little toddler with awesome Einstein hair and another baby due in January. She didn't have a job, so Christmas was going to be tough. Well, Chris, with her heart of gold, headed out and did the thing she does best. She made the day of someone downtrodden! She bought all these great gifts for all of them, and she probably spent more on them than all our gifts together. And Chris was so contagious in her serving others, that I don't even care. It's so exciting to think about what thier surprise was like and thier faces on Christmas Day. We were probably as excited as they were.
Now on to our Christmas in Delta, my first. It was fun! I have never had a bad day in Delta. It's like it's a different, calmer world.
So Christmas was great! Everyone, Carl, Nancy, Chris, Deb and Chris all sat around and humored me as I read them a silly Christmas stroy about a Lump of Coal, and then I sang a stupid song that I wish I could take back, about a guy who Loves Santa a bit too Much. But I had fun, and I think they did too. Then we slept and woke up to Christmas!
So Paiton was hilarious the whole time. She's a fun little girl. I loved how she would get into her commanding posture and say something like, "Get in here bubba!" And then opening all the presents was fun. Chris and I spoiled each other this year. We got tons of stuff for each other. I now have some new Crocs, (my others actually have holes all the way through them. It makes for a very personal walk with nature. It's like I'm barefoot, but wearing shoes) and my DVD collection has now doubled, and I was super surprised to open up Batman Legos for the Wii! I love that game and she had said it was sold out. So what a surprise to open it up. That was all I really wanted. And then I gave her some jewelry, a tea set and cake stand, a black Santa (which was very unique and cool) and the first two seasons of John and Kate plus eight. We both had quite the Christmas! It's hard to go back to work now. Having time off together is way better than having to work apart. (Wow, that's a new revelation if ever I heard one)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This Graduation Thing Is Great. Everyone Should Really Get on This Train

If I had known that I was going to be treated like a king when I finally got my Associates, I'd have done it a long time ago ;). Yes, I feel like royalty after the way Chris treated me last night.
So first of all, you must understand that I have been pretty worried about how my last class, StatiscticS. I am terrible at math, and this class really showed me how terrible. So when Chris and I looked up our fianl grades, I was a wreck with worry. Chris did wonderfully, which goes without saying, she's wonderful. Then my turn, and I thought I was in for some bad news. When I saw that I passed, it took a sec to sink in and then I jumped up and hugged Chris so hard! I am finally done with my Associates! Woo Hoo!
I was really grateful to see that Chris made this "event" such a big deal. She went and told everyone I graduated (even before it was offical, but she believed in me, which is so huge) and Chris' parents sent me a great card (the only one actually) and then we are going to celebrate with my parents, and Chris' if they can at Porters Place.
And to treat me like a king, Chris took me out to dinner, wherever I wanted. I picked Sizzlers, which was great, and I'm having left over left overs. Dinner was great, and then she had a gift all wrapped up for me! I didn't expect a gift, but there it was. I opened it up,all giddy, and found Mario Cart for the Wii! I love that game! And we went home and played it for a while before we had to go to bed. It was so cool of Chris to do all that for me. I really appreciated how much she "pampered" and supported me. Thanks babes. (pictures to come)

Davie Claus

So I got to play Santa Claus for the Hispanic kids in one of our Library Out Reach Programs. It was great. I make a mean and albiet young Santa!
My favorite part was the huge smiles all the kids had. One girl gave me at least 12 hugs. One older boy came and asked me, are you real? I didn't want to break it to him, so I just said, "What do you think?" He walked away with that question rolling around in his head.
Being Santa was great. I've played a few characters now for the library, The Cat in the Hat being one of them, but the cool part about Santa is you get to talk, not just walk around. It was great.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry "Chris" Mas

So if you were wondering, I love Chris.
I'm really glad they made a Holiday About having more of her. (Mas in Spanish means more). Whenever I hear "Merry Christmas" it reminds me of our first Christmas together, when we were dating and my friends were always pushing me to "marry the girl already." And my friend Brad actually said something that always sticks with me everyt Christmas. Say Merry Christmas a few times... go ahead. Try it........................... Done? Yeah, when you say it over and over again it becomes Must Marry Chris Must Marry Chris. Jesus changed his birthday party just for me to get the hint. Needless to say, I'm glad I listened.
So we've been having some fun Christmas happenings.
For Thanksgiving we gave my sister Kristen and her kids an early Christmas. We got Chris' parents to help us make some blocks for them. It was tons of work, but they loved them.

And Nancy had her Birthday here.

But mainly, we loved putting up our Christmas tree. Thanks Nancy and Carl. That was really nice of you Carl to drive all the way up here just to drop it off. We put on Christmas music and decorated it and the house. It's pretty.

And Deb and Paiton stayed with us. Chris and I (especially Chris) loved having a little person to spoil and play with in the house. Yeah, I think we are set on foster parenting now. So thanks for staying with us, and please come again.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Only Believe in Eating Turkey in Bulk

So this year was awesome! We got to eat Thanksgiving dinner Three Times! I love being married and having in-laws!
Our first Thanksgiving Dinner was set up by us the week before. We rented out our club house and had a great Ham Thanksgiving Pot Luck with all our neighbors. It was soooo good and playing games with everyone was great.
Then we had a great time down in Delta. Thanksgiving dinner was sooo good again, and since it was just a few of us, there was "limitless amounts of food". My favorite phrase. My favorite thing though was the 4x4ing. I have to admit, I didn't realize I'd have that much fun. But it was way Fun!

Then we ate Turkey dinner and ham at my parents house. All the family came and so there was a million little mouths all wanting to be fed. Chris, the saint that she is, was honestly going around the table like a mother bird and feeding all the little mouths. She's the best. Thanksgiving was so much fun.
And now I feel like its okay to listen to Christmas music. I have a theory I'm going to try next Halloween. I wonder if I have a huge Turkey binge on Halloween I'll feel like it's okay to listen to Christmas music... maybe even in July....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Mystery of the Silver Bullet

So Halloween has been great the past few years with Chris. The first year we were just barely dating and she, my brother, and I set up a spook alley in front of my parents house.
I was dressed like a stuffed dummy and sat down next to an exact replica of my dummy, and you couldn't see the difference. A bowl of candy was between us and the kids had to come and get it. When they went to pick up some candy, I'd suddenly move and grab it from them. It scared those kids all the way across the yard!
And last year we had an awesome fun party with tons of our friends over at our house and we had pumpkin carving and cookies and made up stories and stuff.
Well, this year, we had the coolest party of them all!

We had our good friends Kyli and Dan, Ben and his fiance Anne, Quynn and Chelsea, and ourselves over and had a Mystery Theme Dinner. Each of us dressed as a character in this Sherlock Holmes Mystery. I was Jose Pinto, Latin Lover, and Chris was Chastity Darling, seductive witch/vamp. (She was gorgeous as the pictures show ;))

So Chris prepared this awesome dinner with each our own Cornish hen, a beef stew, salad, rolls, and for dessert - baked cinnamon apples! It was a 20 on a 10 scale! Sooooo good!. Everyone loved it. And then the mystery began.
Everyone played thier part throughout the dinner, and all were dressed perfectly for the parts. We began our quest to discover the murderer of my sweet sister Maria. There was all sorts of twists and side stories that we had a hard time deciding if there was anyone who didn't do it. They all had motives! Then at the end we sat around deciding "who done it". And we thought up these grand scemes and surprisingly we each were sure that we were the ones who'd done it... my sceme involved four people and a scene from Zorro..... Anyways, it turns out Chelsea did it. Who knew? Anyways, the party was the best party of the century. Chris is a wonderful hostess and things are always sooo fun with her. We're hoping to trade our mystery party game for a new one on KSL and do this again it was sooo awesome!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

1950-1990 photos of Davie!

I just hope you all have as much fun looking at these pictures as i did making them. Yea!


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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Close Calls and Divine Miracles

So we decided to go out for a walk Sunday night and we saw the missionaries. So we ended up getting them a drink and taking them to a few places quicly and then home.
Well, I started taking them to where the missionaries used to live and I totally forgot that they lived somewhere els. Well, as I figured that out I hurried and did a U-Turn. Well as I did it the police car behind me flashed on his lights and pulled me over.

I couldn't believe it! I was about to get a ticket with missionaries in my car. And they didn't have seat belts on. So what was the Mission President going to think when I was the cause of two of his missionaries getting tickets?
Well, i pulled over and prepared myself for the ticket. When the officer turns off his lights, backs up, and then takes off the opposite direction! It was amazing. I want to take the missionaries everywhere I go now. I'll never get a ticket!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


DAVIE: "Chris, your're like my little treasure."

CHRIS: "I think every once in a while a wife should spend the day with her husband at work"

Davie and I have had a wonderful late few weeks hanging out with eath other and going on dates. We also went to Delta and I forced davie to take "engagement" picture with me in the fall leaves. I think he secretly liked it cuz i snaped a picture of him playing in the leaves!

Davie and I also have A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Davie and I have decided to be come Foster parents. I have been talking about it for months and I think finally after proposing davie ask Heavenly Father if it would be best for us to become foster Parents and then watch Conference to see what the spirit tells him. Well, then we watched the Conference with the theme "I am a child of God". Its exciting, we have an interview at the end of this month and then some classes and BOTTA-BING i'll get to take care of some kiddos. YEA!

We'll let you know more when we take the classes and get ready for the children.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Killer Bunnies

In the words of the famous Ninja, "I hate Bunnies! And by bunnies I mean Stupid People."
So Chris got me this super fun, silly game called Killer Bunnies. We played it with our married friends and Some liked it, others did not... I just had fun killing all the bunnies. I think Chris felt bad that all the bunnies died. Especially after the Cyber Bunny and the Asteroid massacred them all.

We "remodeled" our house! I love how everything is now. It's cozy. And in amazing news... we have television! The whole time we've lived in our condo, we've never had our T.V. plugged into the cable. We just watched DVD's.
The reason was that the reception is "snowy". We don't care, it's like we have had commercial withdrawls. We leave the T.V. on just to have the noise. Yea, we're weird.

I got excited that I could actually watch the news. Funny thing is... I'm obssessed with politics and the "Big Debate" was on last night. But once it came on, I put in a DVD... that was weird of me.

Chris is a saint. "Chris the Saint"... sounds good. She has the day off today, and instead of taking it easy, as I would have done, she has washed, ironed, and starched all my clothes. I have never had anyone iron my clothes, let alone, starch them! Thanks babes!

Friday, September 12, 2008

An Eventful September

So we have a few events to bring y'all up to speed. I always hate getting behind because there are things that i wanna write that i totally space later and then they're gone. It's like I need this virtual public journal so that i can actually have memories. I lose them if i don't write them down.

First of all, Our little babies, Princess and Oreo have gone to nice homes where they will have more attention than they can handle. And they needed a lot of attention.... It was amazing that Labor Day, within 10 minutes of each other, two families came and picked one up. We both kinda miss them, but then we just remeber the yellow puddles, and we don't miss them as much. Even still, they were perfect cute little puppies...

I have this chance to publicly brag, maybe that's why I like this blog thing, but I got my wife some outstanding flowers the other day... you be the judge of how much i love her... (yea, I know, a lot. Look how big and beautiful they are!)

We also had this very fun BBQ that we set up as a chance to bond with ward members around our complex and also get some new faces... maybe get them to church too... who knows... Well, it was sooo fun and the food spectacular. We went a nd invited some people to come in that we didn't know and it was all going great. What a great gospel experience. Well, then it went bad. One of the "happy to be invited" characters decided to take the keys of our new found friends who had just moved in and got married two weeks before. We didn't think that happended though so we spent the remaining hours searching our clubhouse for the keys. They never showed so we spent another half hour finally breaking into thier house and gettting them settled. Well, that night they took thier car battery out of the car, and thank goodness they did because the next day they found all the change gone and a meth pipe in the car! I mean seriously, what kind of person does that? We offer them friendship and food, and they offer a meth pipe!? Anyways, the kid got carted off to jail and had a run in with some of the other people who live here who were also glad to have the kid taken away for things they had had done to them by the same kids. Well, I guess you can't trust everybody. This experience has put a bit of a damper on our willingness to jump out and fellowship people. We still will, it's our nature and love, but now we'll be strongly cautious... it's too bad that this world is so stupid sometimes.... but hey, even so, we made great friends who still like us even after it.

Next I would like to mention how much fun, and I had no idea, that jello tossing can be. Chris had some cravings... yea... okay no, she's not prego yet... but she wanted some jello. So we bought some and she was eating and driving as we went home. We stopped at a light and a van full of teehage boys with hormones raging pulled up. Now Chris is gorgeous, so these guys jumped all over this stop light meeting to get her number and everything. Yes, i was indeed jealous. Well, Chris then snickers and says, "Want some Jello!?" Of course they did. So she threw it at them! Haha! I couldn't stop laughing. Then they wanted more! One jumped out of the car and grabbed some and the others only watched as jello flew around them and all over the van! I love my wife. And don't you forget it, or you'll be the one with Jello all over your car!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

RE: 08/28/08 or... Anti-Lingual Man and the Trip to Idaho

So I have a story about Anti-Lingual man, but i won't put it here. Go check out and read the first adventure of my new hero Anti-Lingual Man! He is well on his way to be the next Indiana Jones!
So What I really wanted to talk about, before I found all those other fun things to mention, was our trip to idaho!
To start of, Twin Falls is 3 1/2 hours away not 2 or maybe 2 1/2 hours away. When you're driving long distances and you think you're almost there and you see a sign that says you've got 108 more miles to go... well, you get really tired of driving really quick.

Well, we made it to Twin Falls and visted Nat and Kate (Nate and kat) and thier kids Titus and Kylie. They are such a sweet family. And we had so much fun. Chris even got to weed a little bit! We enjoyed an awesome view and walk around the Falls, played some BurnOut, and then we found a new love of Sonic's CreamSlushes. Yum!
We also got the chance to record a "Steer" radio commercial for my brother Nate's radio staion. Chris did the best job, and her voice is one the Twin Falls radio now, wooing all who hear it.

We headed out to Boise to visit Robin and her Aunt Margie. I had no idea how empty and plain central Idaho was... wow, I'm glad I had some Comedians to listen too, because I would have fallen asleep.
Well, we visited Robin first and I made the mistake of letting Chris hold one of thier new puppies. Needless to say, we now are the owners of two sweet little puppies (if any one wants them, please speak up). I'm being a little dishonest. I actually liked the puppies too, thats why I said it was okay to take them home. Now, with poop on the floor, I'm quickly losing patience. They're like babies... they need constant attention and food... but at least babies have diapers that you can hand to your wife to take care off ;)

Robin then made us some lasagna and continues to impress with her food, it was even healthy stuff. And her kids are just awesome! Total flirts and total gentlemen. And we got to go spulunking in this cool cave! Then we went and stayed at Aunt Margie's house. What a beautiful place, with a beautiful view. We loved that house. And our experience there reminded us that life can throw some unexpected curves. Thier house burned down the night after we left home for Salt Lake. I couldn't believe it, had we left some kinda curse there? We had been talking about how much we wanted to come back and visit again and stay longer when we get news that the house is gone. Oh John and Margie. Thanks for the pancakes and they wonderful company. We'll never forget your hospitality, If there is anything we can do to help, just call us.
We went back and forth between house the rest of the trip, we just couldn't get enough of everybody. And we're sorry we couldn't stay longer. And i didn't know this, but this was the first time Chris had been to Idaho! Well, here I go knocking more of her life-long dreams off her list ;)