Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bundle Blog - Part One

So it's been a looooong time since We've blogged/journaled. So Sorry, I'm sure you've all been waiting exasperatedly for this great moment, wherein we recap Our awesome Moab trip and the My Birthday Party. hurray!!!!!

So, pictures will be coming, but i have to tell you, it's been a while since I had such a fun trip like Moab... Cleveland was also fun, but htis is an outdoorsie fun that I haven't had since I was probably in Guatemala walking through the jungle... yea, super cool! So we went to Maob with Chris' parents (those wonderfully fun and super generous parents who always fight us to pay the check... which I appreciate even though I always fight back. I mean, it's nice to know they'll help us out when we need it. But I still wanna buy dinner sometimes ;) So anyways, we drove down there with her parents and Derrick and it actually didn't seem like such a bad drive. Especially when we hanged Indiana Jones at the Burger King in Green Valley.. yep, that was fun if not a little unrealistic... I mean, who could really get close enough to try and get a rope around Indy? It's impossible! Not to mention, we got to see how awesome he is at the movie theater in Moab (thanks Anderson Family for doing that for me... I'm sure I was the only one actually super excited for that movie) and we saw Indy survive an Atomic Bomb in a refrigerator!!! WOW!!!
Well, we got there and Chris and I got to spend our nights in a Hostel... K, I didn't know what to expect, but the praise it got from other patrons said it all. "It's like spending the night at your friends house..." Only your friend lets 10 women bunk together across from the room with the 10 bunks of guys... pretty much Co-Ed. And your friend also cooks bacon in the morning, but won't give you any... Actually, it was a very fun experience. Very memorable!
The first day we were there we went Water Rafting! And it was a rare experience because the water level is twice as high as its normal peaking point! Which made the water move fast, but the rapids had all but disappeared. The water had gone so high it just covered them up. Except for the strange river whirlpools. Nothings weirder than having the water disappear from under you and threaten to suck you under. there was one super awesome rapid at the Skull Rapids. That was totally good enough for me. I was very happy at the end to find I hadn't sunburnt! A miracle, but yes, I lathered up with tons of sunscreen... even under my clothes. Just in case the sun decided to use it's X-Ray Sun Rays on me.
Then we went to see this awesome Moab Library. Makes Kearns look shabby. They were really nice there and it was a nice relaxing spot for the time. Then we say Indianna Jones fight Commi's and we slept...
Then we went to Church, nice Moab people. The Church Library even was prepared with head ache medicine for Chris' terrible migraine. Cool. Then we went biking (well, Derrick did, I fell off the one time I tried to get on the bike... sad) and also Jeeping. That was actually fun. I usually don't like that sort of thing. But the thrill of driving on slick cliffs in a Jeep that doesn't roll back, is actually fun.
Then we came Home! I had tons of fun.
Interjection... I have some things to brag about Chris... i know, I know, there is so much, but seriously, I am very impressed... Chris doing really well with her Pianon Lessons. She's a natural. Even the times she doesn't practice she stills plays great. I never did that. I was often stuck on the same song for weeks... She's gonna be better than me if she keeps it up... and then she comes home from school and shows me her perfect scores on her College Assignments. Babes, way to Go! You're Awesome.
So Awesome, that you threw me the funnest party. Lots of my friends came over to our house and got to partake in Chris' Diner. She made double cheese and bacon burgers, steaks, and special sauce hot dogs for anyone who wanted them and exactly how they wanted them. She's a wonderful cook. (And babes, thanks for all the lasagna lately. i know you don't like it that much, but you've spoiled me silly. I love it.) After dinner we made the mistake of playing indoor/outdoor soccer. It was sooo fun, but we had just filled our bellies and eveyone was kinda hurting. Loved that too though. i hope we can do it again but with less full bellies. Then we watched "Live Free od Die Hard" and saw the guy blow up a helicopter with a car! yea, soo cool. It was a great Birthday!!!
So I have to pause for now... Part Two to come shortly....