Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Only Believe in Eating Turkey in Bulk

So this year was awesome! We got to eat Thanksgiving dinner Three Times! I love being married and having in-laws!
Our first Thanksgiving Dinner was set up by us the week before. We rented out our club house and had a great Ham Thanksgiving Pot Luck with all our neighbors. It was soooo good and playing games with everyone was great.
Then we had a great time down in Delta. Thanksgiving dinner was sooo good again, and since it was just a few of us, there was "limitless amounts of food". My favorite phrase. My favorite thing though was the 4x4ing. I have to admit, I didn't realize I'd have that much fun. But it was way Fun!

Then we ate Turkey dinner and ham at my parents house. All the family came and so there was a million little mouths all wanting to be fed. Chris, the saint that she is, was honestly going around the table like a mother bird and feeding all the little mouths. She's the best. Thanksgiving was so much fun.
And now I feel like its okay to listen to Christmas music. I have a theory I'm going to try next Halloween. I wonder if I have a huge Turkey binge on Halloween I'll feel like it's okay to listen to Christmas music... maybe even in July....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Mystery of the Silver Bullet

So Halloween has been great the past few years with Chris. The first year we were just barely dating and she, my brother, and I set up a spook alley in front of my parents house.
I was dressed like a stuffed dummy and sat down next to an exact replica of my dummy, and you couldn't see the difference. A bowl of candy was between us and the kids had to come and get it. When they went to pick up some candy, I'd suddenly move and grab it from them. It scared those kids all the way across the yard!
And last year we had an awesome fun party with tons of our friends over at our house and we had pumpkin carving and cookies and made up stories and stuff.
Well, this year, we had the coolest party of them all!

We had our good friends Kyli and Dan, Ben and his fiance Anne, Quynn and Chelsea, and ourselves over and had a Mystery Theme Dinner. Each of us dressed as a character in this Sherlock Holmes Mystery. I was Jose Pinto, Latin Lover, and Chris was Chastity Darling, seductive witch/vamp. (She was gorgeous as the pictures show ;))

So Chris prepared this awesome dinner with each our own Cornish hen, a beef stew, salad, rolls, and for dessert - baked cinnamon apples! It was a 20 on a 10 scale! Sooooo good!. Everyone loved it. And then the mystery began.
Everyone played thier part throughout the dinner, and all were dressed perfectly for the parts. We began our quest to discover the murderer of my sweet sister Maria. There was all sorts of twists and side stories that we had a hard time deciding if there was anyone who didn't do it. They all had motives! Then at the end we sat around deciding "who done it". And we thought up these grand scemes and surprisingly we each were sure that we were the ones who'd done it... my sceme involved four people and a scene from Zorro..... Anyways, it turns out Chelsea did it. Who knew? Anyways, the party was the best party of the century. Chris is a wonderful hostess and things are always sooo fun with her. We're hoping to trade our mystery party game for a new one on KSL and do this again it was sooo awesome!