Monday, March 23, 2009

My Hotel Room

So I just wanted to let you all know, Chris rocks this world! She told me a while back she wanted to faux paint our gray plaid box room. (And this is what it looked like)
I knew she could do it, but even I was awed at how amazing she did it.
She should go into the business with this. Can you believe this is the first time she's done it?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Magical Kingdom

This is a Princess story from Chris' Princess party put together by all the guests present. Each * means a new person is writing, without knowing what story has come before their part...

Magical Kingdom

Princess Chris was so sick of her magical kingdom. Living in a place of crystal balls and evil sorcerors sounds pretty exciting and all, but not when you have to fix all their messes day in and day out.She decided she had enough...
She found herself so frustrated that she began pacing back and forth. Huffing and Puffing. But never yelling or screaming. Of course not. She was a Princess after all. By pacing so much she began wearing out her golden shoes. The golden shoes had been given to her by Countess Von Ukendock and her friend Kyli...
The golden shoes were similar to the guy who drank Red Bull. The golden shoes gave her Wiings. The magical kingdom was suddenly under attack by the evil Keebler elves. They had burned down the tree and were setting fire to everything! The only thing she could do was put on her magical shoes and fly to give word to other people... and firefighters. Out of the corner of her eye she found one. The one who would save everyone!...
He was Lord Farquad! (Princess Fiona just wasn't his type) Yes, to everyone else he was a little on the short side, but so was she!! She knew at once she must meet this amazing man. When she walked up to him the first thing she said was...
"Why haven't you texted me in the last five minuets? I wanted to ask you if you like blue berry flavored bubble gum?" The Prince told the princess that she was too controlling and needed to chill. Suddenly it become a very surreal moment in which the two passionately fell in love and kissed....
Now the Prince and the princess where confused as to what would happen next when suddenly the fashion designer boasted of his glamorous tights. At last the source of the magic had been unveiled. Who knew that such power could come from the britches of a fashion savvy lad...
But these britches made everything so magical. While dancing the night away with the beautiful princess, things began forming around them. While her dress swayed out and sprouted flowers from the ground. Who knew that not only his britches were powerful but her dress was spectacular and magical...
And everyone knows that with powerful britches and a spectacular and magical dress, one could take over the world! So they went galloping on their noble steeds into the sunset and enjoyed the rest of their powerful lives together.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Anniversary and a Little Kitty named GiGi

So we made it to the Big Number Two! I knew we would but it seems like time has shot by us. I feel like it was just months ago that I was dating this gorgeous and sweet girl I'd met online... but that was close to three years ago now... wow!
I love to hear this, and it makes me proud to hear people still say this, but "we are the cutest couple around." And honey, I know we always will be... I hope it doesn't make people mad that we aren't sharing that title... don't hate me because my wife is beauiful,okay?
So since we've made it a sort of tradition to share our honeymoon/anniversary with someone else (i.e. :honeymoon in Hawaii with Davie's Parents, 1st Anniversary with Chris' parents...) we made sure that we spent a few days with Chris' parents and then fish dinner with our neighbors. Which both were a blast. Chris' parents took us out on thier pontoon boat all day and we went fishing (and caught a bunch of 12-14 inchers!), sun bathing, and they even BBQ-ed a steak dinner all on the boat ride. It was like a special dinner boat for our anniversary! So nice guys!
Then we stayed at the Anniversary Inn in Logan. It's a lot nicer than the one in Salt Lake but the drive to Logan is not much fun. Thank goodness we had Edward and Bella to listen to on the way there...
We stayed in the Aphroite's Court, which was pretty cool and Chris and I have decided we need to model our room so that there is a jacuzzi in it that you can watch T.V. from.
Someday.... (and Chris did something awesome... she already started remodeling our room. She faux painted it and it looks so Cool! She did such a good job and it was here first time ever doing it like that... I am awed!)
I did something awesome too... I know, it's a new thing for me, but I gave Chris two years ago a pair of white gold rose earrings that she fell in love with. They were really heavy and one tragic day, one of them disappeared. Well, I found a guy to make a copy and he did an awesome job! Well, I presented them to her and she probably would have cried but she kept her composure. She looks so beautiful...
Then we came home to our new roomate, GiGi.

Now GiGi is our kitty who we rescued from the Grantsville Pound. He's a nut but he can be real sweet. Anyways, he's exactly what Chris wanted... and my goal in life is to make sure she always gets exactly what she wants.
Well, poor GiGi was a boy when we bought him, then we thought he was a girl and he became Princess GiGi, well, then the vet told us that She was a Boy, and now he is Prince GiGi. Anyways, he's had a hard time finding his identity, but I'm proud to say, he's found himself. He's also found that I can't stand it when he runs around the house in the middle of the night, so that's exactly what he does... and I get mad, but then he comes and cuddles up and I have to forgive him.. Anyways, I never thought I'd get a cat, I don't really like them, but here I am, Davie, and I'm a Cat Owner.

Monday, March 9, 2009

EVA the Robot

So we had a teen activity at the library were I work, and we took apart a whole bunch of broken electronics to see what was inside.
Then I challenged them to put it back together. This proved to be a bit more difficult. Then we made a robot with the parts. They wanted her to be WALL-E but She's a girl cause she's Pink. So then she was named EVA.
I think she's great. And she'll clean your floor for you if you want.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"The Greatest Party Ever"

Those words are taken from a friend of ours, Brad, who came to Chris' B-Day Party. He actually said, "Dear Diary, I just went to the greatest Party ever!" Yea, it really was that cool!
We had some awesome Games, like Princess Charades and The Princess Relay. And don't forget the Wicked Witches Curses!
The food was just great, all provided for by Colonel Sanders, KFC! The cake was even better... And Chris made it herself!!!
And then we had everyone help out to write our own funny princess stories... which will be added shortly...
Then we all were presented to the crowd as Lords, Ladies, and of Course, Princess Chris.
The party looked awesome,
tasted awesome,
and with all our best friends there, was awesome!