Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Caution for All Women: Be Careful What Your Husbands Wish For. It'll Usually End in Some Disaster

So We were having such a wonderful Christmastime and I saw a co-worker eating turkey and stuffing and I thought... well, we haven't had our Christmas Dinner yet. So I called up my lovely and supportive wife and asked her if she'd be so awesome as to make me a Christmas Dinner. And just like the wonderful woman that she is, she jumped up and went shopping for a ham and stuffing and all the fixuns. I felt guilty having asked her to "work" for me, but I was super excited that she was going to cook sucha meal. We were so excited we asked my sister and her family to come over and eat with us and enjoy a Wii Party together.
Ladies, I know this sounds like a fun, romantic evening, but it's not. Its just like a Sheep in Wolf's Clothing, Fun to think about, but not really a good thing at all. I mean, they'll all go out to eat the sheep and if he doesn't eat his friends the wolves'll find out he's not a wolf... and then Dinner is served. But not to the good guys.
Well, to preface this story a bit more: Chris had been frustrated by our old can opener so I bought a new one that I'd hoped would be better. I got home from work, smelled the wonderful ham and was so excited about the wonderful meal. Naively I didn't think about Murphy's Law... if it can get worse, it will.
So I got home, and I found out quickly that that new can opener was worse than the old one. So much so that my wife was no bledding profusely from her index finger. I looked into her strong woman eyes as she said, "Honey, I need stiches."
So we let my sister's family in and they ate dinner and played Wii while we went and ran around like, I have to apologize for the stereotype but this is exactly how I felt, like Illegal Immigrants who are rejected from treatment because they have no insurance... only we had insurance and they still showed us out....
Finally I made another dumb-man mistake and said we should go to Pioneer Valley Hospital, which we did. And there found a receptionist who knew me from the Library (everyone seems to know me from there) who had us wait for awhile, then we were shown to a room where they took her blood pressure and then waited for awhile, then we were shown to another room where they had us wait three times: once for the doctor to seat her, then to give her the anesthesia, then again because I guess he was waiting for her to go numb, which had already happened before he left the first time. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate that they helped my wife get better, its just that my wife isn't cattle that you can deal with when you want to. Anyways, we got her stiched up and on Loratab!!! And home we went to play Wii and eat that amazing meal.
The best part is that we actually enjoyed the evening even though I backed into another car... and we had to wait forever as our dinner got colder-and eaten.... and Chris paid a price for doing what she does best and made me happy...
We joked in the car about how the ER bill was actually more than her Christmas Gift so I said she got her Real Christmas Gift in 3 beautiful stitches... She said that her gift to me still cost more (Guitar Hero III) She's always so good to me.

When they say "Extreme Weather Watch Warning", They Aren't Kidding

So We had a most Wonderful Christmas. I just had so much fun. And it was our very first married Christmas together. We were engaged last Christmas, which was really fun and exciting, but this was so much funner.
To start off, my family has a tradition of going to condos up in the Wasatch Mountains for a week for Christmas. This year we went to Strawberry Reservoir and some condos there.
Well, we left Christmas Eve right after work, (and like a miracle ;) Chris was able to leave an hour early from work. Which truned into a huge blessing). Well, as we left the weather had turned from bad to horrid. If you can imagine God putting nickels under all the salt shakers in the whole world and then dumping them onto you, thats what it looked like. Now it was a lot colder than that would be though...
Anyways, we drove up the canyon and we almost slid into a Truck... thanks family for praying for us or we would have hit them... And then like the crazies that we are, we kept going and made it to a town called Heber. Well, it wasn't snowing there so we stopped and bought candy and stocking stuffers... well, we came out and the strom had caught up... only worse. We drove for what seemed like forever under 20 miles an hour on a road that was like a white tunnel all the way around. We couldn't see farther than a few feet ahead or to the side. And when we called my family to ask them where the turn off was, they said, "Just watch the signs." I said, "What signs, I can't see anything." Well, God granted us some more living time and we luckily found the turn off. While we were going towards the cabins, my brother and brother-in-laws, a.k.a. Rescue Squad Alpha and Omega, came out to find us. We passed right by them and didn't see who it was and thought little off it. Well, as we turned into the cabins, after feeling like the end was coming, we passed the right cabin and turned around... and we got stuck. Just to add to our frustratingly Happy Holiday. Well, I got out and realized then how blessed we had been to have made it there at all. The snow came halfway up my calves. The car shouldn't have been able to drive in that at all.
To make a Happy story even Happier, We got into the warm condo, played joyfully with all the fmaily and kids, we got up and ate our late night Cena (mexican dinner at midnight Christmas Eve, then we got up again for Presents and candy. And getting Guitar Hero III was awesome. But seeing Chris' face as she opened up her girly pink Razor was the highlight of my whole year. She is such a doll. Well, Merry Christmas everyone.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

When it snows, kids are spillin'... and their noses get a chillin'

Wow, I love bloggin'. I write in this more than I do my own journal. They should totally have a talk in church about this, Blogspot, the new LDS Journal. It would completely revamp the Church and just imagine the lesson participation when they talk about journals in Sunday School... ..."Yea, and I just wrote about how I cleaned my car for the first time in years, and like a miracle, 8 people have already commented on my post!!! I just know that Blogging is a true principle of the Gospel...."... That would be the best class I have ever visited, after Online scrapbooking that is....
Anyways, Now the point of the title. At the library where I work, there is always something crazy going on. Today it started with a sudden snowstorm/snowball storm. I came out of the bank and a storm that wasn't there before was throwing mini-snowballs at my car and my face. I wanted to throw some back but how do you win a snowball fight with a snow storm. He's got like unlimited ammo, (man I wish I knew the cheat for that in real life), and then I get to the library and lo and behold, I make it just in time to watch two boys climbing up on of our shelves. And before I can smile, the whole shelf falls down, books everywhere. And we come rushing to the scene, and like a miracle (lots of miracles today), they are alright. We came to find out they were after a little stuffed piggie that had been thrown behind the shelf.
I also wanted to publicly (if there really is an invisible public out there reading this... at least I know that Jesus sees everything, he'll be my public) Anyways, Thanks Publicly Honey, for taking me to dinner on our Anniversay of Engagement Day. It was soooo good, and perfect. I thought my flowers were good, but you one upped me. And I love you for that. Hurrah!

Special Note of Interest: The piggie is gone for good, well, at least until they tear the library building down, which by then the teenagers will have outgrown the little piggie and won't want it back.... I hope I'm there when they tear the building down. I'll take that piggie and raize it as my own.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Incredible Paranthese Marks!!!

Also, one more thing (Hey babes, look, We have a comment now... and because of those parenthese marks, no one can read this, isn't that awesome Chris?)... I just wanted to mention that I'm Awesome... a w e s o m e, AWESOME!! At least thats what the Holy Ghost sings to me while I'm at work. Anyways, I had to inform everyone that I got called as 1st President(sounds cooler than 1st Counselor) in the Elder's Quorum... which is not the news... the real news is after the visits we had as a Presidency, all the guys and thier wives came to our house and we had our first "Married Couple Hang Out". Which is a big deal cause we usually only hang out with our friends with no spouses. Note of Interest: Chris was the only woman present, not pregnant... she made sure I was aware of that.

i LOVe YoU. PleaSe CoME tO CHurCH Wit ME.

Sunday at church Davie gave me a mission. My CTR 5 year old class made invitations for other kids to come to church with them. They wrote "I Love you. Please come to church with me" it was awesome. Davie then gave them to the children of familes he went to visit teach. Yea for Primary and christmas invitations! Davie wants me to tell everyone how Awesome he is. EVERYONE!!! Davie is so awesome! He even have his own theme song constantily playing in his head.
Actually Davie really is very awesome. He has been called as 1st counselor in the elders quorum presidency. Yeah we all really love Davie.

Just to Inform You All....

So Chris got super excited about the story she was telling and forgot something important to mention. That story was inspired by me... yea, I took that guys advice and bought her a Cadalily Plant (that's white cause thats her favorite flower/Wedding Flower - yea, I'm good... at least thats what the flower lady said) and I took it to her work... yep, with dinner. I set it up right in the front up high so everyone had to see it. And boy, you shoulda seen the looks on those other girls faces... they wanted to kill Chris and become her best friend at the same time... that was the coolest thing to do. I took her beta fish at work one time, but it didn't have the same effect... anyways... I think this bloggin thing is fun... Does this mean I don't have to write in a Journal anymore?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Send flowers to her WORK!

Yea! Davie and I made a Blog. Acually I made it, but I made it at the Library where Davie works so he was kinda involved.
Davie and I have been married almost 9 months and got engaged 1 year ago TODAY! We went out with my mom and dad last saturay. First we went to a concert, THE SKA-LIDAY SHOW that Davie was playing in. Davie is in a band called " The green Peanuts" with a bunch of his friends. My mom got out on the floor and almosted skanked which is a really crazy form of dancing. After the show we decided to watch an episode or two of The Office. Davie and I have really gotten into this show. I have seen every episode about 5 times. After The Office we went to a comedy club. At the comedy club there were many funny guys but I think we would all agree the best one was the last one. He made jokes and gave relationship advice at the sametime. He joked about the best way to stay together is to play a prank on each other if you ever get in a fight. Then he said one of the smarted things i have ever heard come form a man's mouth. "Now you guys, when your woman askes you the question 'does this make me look fat' you always awnser NO! But when they ask you that its not because they want you to think they look good. No,its not about you men. They ask you this because they want to look better than other woman. Its because there is a world wide beauty contest goin' on and every woman, and some men, are contestants. Everyday is another day they get to show off what they got. I tell you this so you can understand them better. Men if you want to really your woman to want you, you dont send flowers to her house. NO NO NO! YOU SEND FLOWERS TO HER WORK. Doing that gives her the right to wear an invisible tiara all day that only the other women can see. If that doest get you some action that night here is one last thing that will. When ever you leave a place you look into your girl's eyes and tell her 'baby....i love you so much. And did you see all the other women in there looking at you. You look to good. You make them all so jelouse "