Monday, April 19, 2010

Keys locked in the car. Hey it happens.

So Chris and i have been really enjoying our weekly Wednesday night Dates. We've done some fun stuff, and its been a great thing to look forward to. This last Wednesday though was a true test for me.
Chris and I invited our friends Dan and Kyli out to eat with us at this great Indian restaurant, The Star of India. We got there all excited. I dont know what happened, because I am very good at always checking my pockets before I go anywhere, even getting out of the car. Well, I parked the car and jumped out with everyone else. Locked the doors once everyone had left the car, and marched all happy toward the parking exit. Chris says, umm, is the engine still running?
Yes, acutally, it was. I had looked the car with the engine running inside a parking garage! I was almost hysterical. I couldn't stand it. Thats when Chris jumped in. She said, lets call someone to bring something to open the car and we'll go eat while they are getting to the parking lot. I was way frustrated but agreed. After I took a few long moments to breathe camly, I relaxed and we had a great evening. Our friend Will showed up just as we'd finished eating and we opened up the car with these great hot dog roaster rods we have. Date night saved!