Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Day!

So we had an awesome fun day yesterday! We we're especially happy to both have it off and have no plans or engagements. We had a lot of options though and we tossed them around all day.

First of all, we slept in! What a wonderful thing that is. Then we took tracks to the parade at Liberty Park... well, in that direction. My poor travel planning put us about 8 blocks from the park. So as Chris said it, "We went on a walk together!"
The parade was fun... one Polynesian float took us both back to Hawaii for a mintue. It was nice, then we took another walk and "ended up" on Trax. Which happened to have two police officers on board taking tickets. It was funny to see how many people got off at the next stop to purchase thier tickets they have all "forgotten" to get before they got on.

After the long walks and the sun at the parade, we were both pooped. So we got home, ate some particularly good soup Chris had made and then slept for another few hours. I love Holidays!
When we got up we had to decide what fun things to do next. With renewed energy we wanted to party. We had tossed around the idea of Lagoon, but thought twice about the price and travel time... so we decided to save some money and then spend it somewhere else. How about... The Mayan?! The Mayan has been recently remodeled and it is really cool. The place has a fun Mayan atmosphere that we both loved. The food was really good too. So good we took most of it home and had seconds later.
After the dinner, since we were at Jordan Commons, we went to the movies. We went and saw "Get Smart" Which was pretty funny. Steve Carrell is best in the Office, but its was still pretty funny... if a little lacking in acting.
After that we spent a nice evening on top of our three story building and watched all the different firework shows. It would have been cool to hike Ensign peak and watch them from there, but we had walked a lot that day already. So we spent a romatic evening listening to my Ipod phone and cuddling. So nice really!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bundle Blog Numba Tizzizoo, Homey

So the title, is totally trippin' and I'll tell you why. I had an old library friend come in today, incidentally his name is Brandone (not Brandon as the un-cool people say it). This kid is one of my favorite library regulars (the term for the school kids that come torment us.. I mean, hang out with us, at the library after school). He came in and then gave me a smile. He's a funny kid, but he had this ridiculously large pair of gold sunglasses on his head. I couldn't help it, his bling-bling was totally wack man.... Anyways, for some reason he started talking to me about mad cow disease and that he just ate McDonalds and he can't wait for the ten years to go by for him to find out if he got the disease or not... Then he brought up AIDS. Now thats a fun topic... no, even he couldn't make it funny. He told me about a friend that went to a Rave (here's another reason to stay clear away from them) and his friend was out dancing then got a needle shoved into his back. On the needle was a note saying "Welcome to the world of AIDS". And yep, he tested positive. I couldn't believe it. How could someone ruin anothers life like that? It's amazing what can happen in this erroded world. My kids will never go to a rave now... And thats Final!!!
Well, about happy thoughts....
So the Fourth of July was another supper duper Hit! I love Delta and the Fourth. The awesome Navajo Tacos any time you want, the Parade that I can actually enjoy... the candy bucket/target was brilliant... and the Demolition Derby was actually really good this year. Two cars rolled almost all the way over!!! Hurray for Constructive Destruction! My favorite thing though was the fish pond. Watching little kids dive for huge trout is classic. Only in a small town will you get that kinda entertainment. I'm trying hard to get my ward to try it out here for our Ward Summer Party... We'll see.
Carl and Nancy, thanks so much for hosting us and my parents. They really loved it too! They talk alot about how fun it was and that they never really get to do that sort of thing anymore... so thanks a ton.
The trip was a nice detour from all the homework and daily work that Chris and I have been dealing with. It's really hard to work full time, go to School and Hold up a Church Calling. I'm really proud of Chris because she handles it all so coolly. She just lets it come in stride. I have a really hard time when I have a ton to do... it gets me really stressed out, and I love that Chris can calm me down, I always need it.
So we cleaned out our house after the Fourth of July... Chris' Parents inspired us there. Thier house looks amazing! So the second bedroom is totally suitable now and you're all welcome to come stay with us if you'd like. Funny story tough, is that the same time we were cleaning it out, a "nice" lady from our ward called with an 'emergency". She's been having a lot of harrassment at her apartment. People she lives by are very cruel to her. Well, she's totally paranoid all the time and very "mouthy" and "desperately worrying" about everything all the time. Anyways, she spent that night and the next to get some sleep since at ther apartment she'd stayed up all night just worrying about the bad things that might happen to her.... Again, my lovely wife is incredible. There are very few women out there caring and understanding enough not to just listen to anothers sob stories, but to actually open up her home to someone incredibly hard to deal with. I appreciate her so much. I won't get into more of the details, but lets just say, I'm happy to have our old living arrangements back to normal.
So last week we had the wonderful opportunity to have Chris' parents come and stay with us and pay them back for letting us come stay with them. They are so fun and we love doubling with them. My work had some extra Bee's game tickets and had asked us to let our families come, and we juped on the chance. And the game was really good, the bees won 9 to 6. Then they got slaughtered the next night, so its a good thing we went to the right game. The other cool part of the game was that we all got free "Geek Squad" T-shirts thrown at us. I asked my work to have "Geek Squad" Thursdays but they didn't buy it. After the game we went to the comedy club by our house and there was some great entertainment. My favorite story was this guy from Chicago that said he loved to see the "Mormons" riding their bikes around. They'd wait for the missionaries to park thier bikes, and then it was "A new free bike". Sucks for the missionaries but it's fun to hear the stories from the "other side". Next day we ran up to the Living Planet Aquarium and I tried to get Carl to put his hand in the water and touch the StingRays... When his hand touched the water he'd pull it back. Not because he was scared of the stingrays of course, but because of the fact that stingrays kill people, duh. Thier worse than ninjas! Look at the Crocidile Hunter! I should've known better. Sorry Carl. Then we went swimming and there were these guys BBQuing and it smelled sooo good. Inspired us to hold a BBQ sometime in August. It'll be awesome. Maybe we'll have a fish pond.....
So at work yesterday I had the funniest experience. This young boy, 7 or 8, came up to the Customer Service Desk. He looked me in the eye, and then looked down at the sign and read it importantly. He then looked back up at me and said, "Can I have some Customer Service?" Brilliant line, I'd never thought of it before. So I responded slyly, " Of Course, How Can I Help You Today?" I thought I was being clever, but he one-uped me and looked at me with an air of authority (and he's only 7, I hope my kids don't look at me like this), "No, I mean give me your Job." He didn't like the idea though when I told him to come take over the desk and I was going to go take a break.
Another funny Work story, and then I'll stop. So after this boy fired me, I was thinking, "Okay, today is one of those days you just need to make happen so that you can laugh hard at it later." Well, another of our Regulars came in and said that her car starter wasn't working. So I went out, discovered that she was right and then decided I'd try to jump it just to see if I could get it to turn over. As her car was sucking my batteries energy my car engine started sputtering and wheazing... not a good thing so I turned it off. It wasn't helping anyways... Well I sent her off to a mechanic and I went inside wondering what time it was and if I could go home already. I looked at the clock and It was time to go!!! So I drove straight home excited to see my lovely wife and I ran in the door, and she hid and scared me like always and everything was perfect. Then She told me I was home early. I looked at the clock and I was sure the clock was an hour off... Nope. I had just left work an hour early and I didn't even know it. I called and they said I must be sick so I could just ride it off as that. Man I felt Dumb...

Okay one last joke for you to laugh at until next time...
A blonde stormed up to the front desk of the library and said, 'I have a complaint!'

'Yes, Ma'am?' said the librarian looking up at her.
'I borrowed a book last week and it was horrible.'

Puzzled by her complaint the librarian asked, 'What was wrong with it?'
'It had way too many characters and numbers and there was no plot whatsoever,' said the blonde.

The librarian nodded and said, 'Ahhh. So you must be the person who took our 'phone book.'

Well... Okay, One More:

Top Ten FORBIDDEN Library Titles For Children
1. Gerbil merry-go round, and other great microwave games.
2. Fifty new places to poke a pencil.
3. The little girl who died from eating all her vegetables
4. Why washing clothes causes childhood allergies.
5. Children's guide to hitch-hiking.
6. Flying lessons for kittens.
7. Toys that your neighbours are getting.
8. Where mothers hide treats.
9. Advanced screaming, crying and whinging.
10. How to avoid washing daddy's car.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

OK I couln't help myself. I was...well....curious. I think i'll just keep shaving.

This is a more current picture. :)


Davie is soo nice to me. i just wanted to tell the whole world how cool my husband is because he broke down and spent 91.50 on me so we could go to the Brian Regan concert, well its more like a comedian show, in Aug. ThAnk YoU DavIe!!!