Saturday, April 26, 2008

Davie is awesome!

I wanted to post a quicky cuz davie always posts nice things and i just like to read them. Well i have today off and here goes my like.....3rd attmpt to post! YEA

Davie is aweosme! He has been called the to be Ward Missionary Leader. He even got his own "box" in the bishops office. exciting! He's been in that position for 9 days and people already are saying hes doing a great job. What many people dont know about davie is that he does alot...ALOT! He balances our money (and yes I'll admit it,I stink at holding on to money. Its like water in my hands. I cant help it. I'm female and I LOVE to shop!), he evens out time between my family and his family so we get to spend time equily with both, takes care of bills, helps remodel the house, goes to church every sunday, teaches every other sunday, does his calling ...and very well!, home teaches, works at his job 8 hours everyday, teaches little children on his days off, he has just signed up for school twice a week in the evenings, goes on lunch dates with me, somehow finds time to read a book to relax, go to the temple with me, and always be there for me when i need him. I know i live with the guy and that i should know but its possible that Davie may have some kind of tie with Superman. Im still looking into that possibility.

Davie even encouraged my idea of starting paino lessons. I only had one lesson so far but im getting ready good at playing "the echo song" It has only 3 notes in the whole song and with the title you pob get an idea how easy it is. I'll let you (you internet people out there) know when my first show is.

So just as a reminder: everyone leave a comment on how good and awesome Davie is!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Snow Fall and Sunshine

So there's nothing more mystical than a sky full of sunshine and snowflakes at the same time. Well, maybe swarms of Midwestern fireflies at night, but it still is pretty spectacular to have the sun shining and the snow falling. That's what it did today, very cool.

And so yea, I just thought that was pretty awesome. The only times I really remember that happening was when I was little and at Recess in Elementary School. It was almost June, and it was hot outside... well, all of the sudden the sky went half dark, if you get the idea. So where we were it was sunny sunny and further North was pitch black. Well, for some reason, even though it was hot outside, we got snow. It was sooo cool I still remember it to this day.

Thanks to our bizarre new climate.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Blessings From on High and Where's the Duck?

So we have had a wonderfully inspiring last few weeks. I'm sorry I haven't blogged much during that time. I'll probably leave some things out because they been forgotten with time, and so I apologize. But I will give you the jist of our incredibly blessed lives, as I always do, with smirks and dry humor. With which I have learned to survive my daily battles. (Wow, that sounded a lot like the beggining of a column in the newspaper... cool...)
So we have been so blessed this past month of March and April. It's awesome. I can make such a huge list of blessings that we've recieved. We didn't explode, our house didn't explode, we didn't then carry on and die, which is awesome, we are now almost completely caught up on our bills.. one to go, and we've still been able to go out on dates and stay away from our savings... which I had no real hope to do but God thought otherwise... let us keep those savings in the bank... not to some guy who wants to build an ivory tower out of diamonds or something. We've also been blessed in that God feels like we should take on the job of Ward Mission Leader and the even more difficult job.. Ward Mission Leader's Wife. Which I have to admit scares me... I am totally fine helping out in any way I can and doing what I'm asked to do, but I'm not so amped up about having to be in charge of everything. My first job I think will be to call some "Assistants" ... A.P.'s if you will. They can do the Planning and stuff... I'm okay with the leg work. And Chris went to our first "Correlation" meeting with me and I have to say that her being there was such a relief. I felt so boosted by just having her backing me up. Thanks babes, you truely are a irreplaceable support to me. I love you.
I actually got up and taught the Gospel Principles class on Sunday, and I admit, I had the devil scared out of me. I feel so incompetant in front of the well experienced masses. And to top it off, this nice older gentleman steps in front of me and says demandingly, when are you going to visit me? I'm thinking... ummm, I've seen you before... and yes, I think I know you're name (which is a miracle) but Sir, i don't know you or even where you live or especially not why I'm supposed to visit you... can you tell me, because I'm just a newbie pretending to know what I'm doing... What I said really was, "Umm, I'll make sure and get on that." And he said, "Yea, you'd better. You need to come and visit me." Yea, Umm... I'm scared to the beegezes.
Well, I just got done with another miracle. So I proposed earlier (I love the big word for said...) that we have somehow been able to pay all of our bills, and replace a furnace and many other unforseen things that should have put us in the hole along with our savings down the drain... well, Again the math doesn't add up... I should be in the hole $250 right now. And actually, since I just found out the bank charged us twice for Chris' car we should actually be in the hole $400 at least! What i found when I logged onto my bank, with great fear I must add, I found the strange doble payment and freaked out. oh no! We really are screwed cause i don't have money right now to have stuff mess up like this. I called the bank and the are already working on refunding that.. yea, they'd better be. Anyways, Before that extra charge, I should be in the hole $260... no joke. That's the math. Chris knows I mean it because I sat and did all the work on Friday and paid every bill. I thought we'd be okay then but later I found I had missed our Car Insurance Premium which was bound to come soon and it was $260 for our cars. Well, even after the extra car payment, there was $50 in the bank... and I double checked. Every bill I'd paid had already gone through the bank. And the pending car insurance premium... already had been paid at the beggining of the month. How?!! I was planning on taking $150 out of our savings to take care of some things like school that we're dealing with right now. Well, Somehow, God's grace again has fallen on us. I don't get it, except that truely everything they teach about Tithing is abundantly true. We shouldn't have any money right now really. But We do. In fact, we have more than we need and Chris is getting paid again on Thursday. A check we can now use on Food Storage and other things we've been putting off for ages. Again, not only is he taking care of us, He is making it possible that we can follow all of His counsels... even Food Storage. And now, when it is becoming so evident that we need to be stocking up on everything... well, He is gonna make it easy for us to do It. I truely Stand Amazed at His blessings. Who am I do deserve any of it?
Well, on a side note... on to my other Incredible blessing that God has given me... my lovely Wife. We have had some really fun times these past months. I really have grown to love her in a way I'd thought I never could. But I wanted to mention one thing... Chris' Bird thing to be exact.
So we've been playing a bit of tennis recently... it's nice that SLCC is right down the street... and it's been fun. But the funnest thing has been watching Chris as she bends down and charges the ducks that live by the courts. It's hilarious. And strangely endearing. I love how happy and excited she gets when she's chasing the ducks around... especially when one of them can't quite get off the ground to fly and it runs as fast as it's little legs can carry it, tripping all over the place... hilarious. But I think what I love most is that Chris notices those little fun things... the little things. I don't know if I could handle having to buy tons of "rocks" and satin and leather stuff all the time. But the things Chris loves, are the things I love, things that so many others always overlook. Things my friends used to think was stupid and pointless... she gets and loves. She really is my perfect match. I know this post has actually been a lot more about stuff you, reading, probably think is gushy and not as interestng as the song Chris and I made up a few weeks ago going to my coworkers house (scroll down to read the words), but I really have been blessed these past months, and I need to show my thanks. So here it is: God, thank you so much. And Chris, thanks a ton.

The song we made up is pointless, but I have actually gotten it in my head a few times now... it goes like this:

Duck, Duck, Where's the duck?
It might be on your head.
Duck, Duck, where's the duck?
I don't know but it might be dead.
Duck, Duck, Where's the duck?
I don't know, it might be in your pants.
Duck, Duck, where's the duck?
I don't know but I wanna dance.
(Followed by the Mario theme music and interpretive dancing with your hands and arms)

I know, I know, you're thinking,"Wow, this is gonna be a hit someday." But no, I'm sorry but the only hit is gonna be the hit I get in the head by my wife once I've sung it too long...