Thursday, August 28, 2008

RE: 08/28/08 or... Anti-Lingual Man and the Trip to Idaho

So I have a story about Anti-Lingual man, but i won't put it here. Go check out and read the first adventure of my new hero Anti-Lingual Man! He is well on his way to be the next Indiana Jones!
So What I really wanted to talk about, before I found all those other fun things to mention, was our trip to idaho!
To start of, Twin Falls is 3 1/2 hours away not 2 or maybe 2 1/2 hours away. When you're driving long distances and you think you're almost there and you see a sign that says you've got 108 more miles to go... well, you get really tired of driving really quick.

Well, we made it to Twin Falls and visted Nat and Kate (Nate and kat) and thier kids Titus and Kylie. They are such a sweet family. And we had so much fun. Chris even got to weed a little bit! We enjoyed an awesome view and walk around the Falls, played some BurnOut, and then we found a new love of Sonic's CreamSlushes. Yum!
We also got the chance to record a "Steer" radio commercial for my brother Nate's radio staion. Chris did the best job, and her voice is one the Twin Falls radio now, wooing all who hear it.

We headed out to Boise to visit Robin and her Aunt Margie. I had no idea how empty and plain central Idaho was... wow, I'm glad I had some Comedians to listen too, because I would have fallen asleep.
Well, we visited Robin first and I made the mistake of letting Chris hold one of thier new puppies. Needless to say, we now are the owners of two sweet little puppies (if any one wants them, please speak up). I'm being a little dishonest. I actually liked the puppies too, thats why I said it was okay to take them home. Now, with poop on the floor, I'm quickly losing patience. They're like babies... they need constant attention and food... but at least babies have diapers that you can hand to your wife to take care off ;)

Robin then made us some lasagna and continues to impress with her food, it was even healthy stuff. And her kids are just awesome! Total flirts and total gentlemen. And we got to go spulunking in this cool cave! Then we went and stayed at Aunt Margie's house. What a beautiful place, with a beautiful view. We loved that house. And our experience there reminded us that life can throw some unexpected curves. Thier house burned down the night after we left home for Salt Lake. I couldn't believe it, had we left some kinda curse there? We had been talking about how much we wanted to come back and visit again and stay longer when we get news that the house is gone. Oh John and Margie. Thanks for the pancakes and they wonderful company. We'll never forget your hospitality, If there is anything we can do to help, just call us.
We went back and forth between house the rest of the trip, we just couldn't get enough of everybody. And we're sorry we couldn't stay longer. And i didn't know this, but this was the first time Chris had been to Idaho! Well, here I go knocking more of her life-long dreams off her list ;)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Magic of 08/08/08

So we had an awesome 8/08/08 party at 8:08. Yes, most people were out watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, but we are true partiers. We know that this won't happen again for 100 years! So we had our fun 8/08/08 and invited over some friends. WE had 8-Layer Bean Dip and some Chicken (which usually comes in 8 piece packages ;) you know) and we played some games of 8 and then, of course, we watched the 8th episode of the Office. We really know how to show 8 Spirit!
Well, that was just the beginning of a great week end.
The next day I got to go play airsoft and get shot at by guns that look "military Class" and hurt a lot... I came home with a smile and a line of welts on my back.
Then Chris made me a great dinner and we went to a Hypnotist show at the Salt Lake Fair. WE didn't realize it but this was fast turning into a date.... At the show, one of our newly made friends was on stage and hypnotized. She was hilarious. While everyone else was enjoying thier 5 year old lives again on a rollercoaster 1,000 feet high.. she was curled up in a ball in terror. She also made us proud by covering her eyes when the "island nudist colony" came into view. Theshow was pretty fun, but not as great as the one we know is coming up at the Utah State Fair.
After the show, we walked outside and started hearing booms. We turned around and vuala! A firework show! It was pretty cool so we layed our blankets down and cuddled up to watch them. It was a wonderful date that kinda just happened without us planning it.
Then on Sunday we had the great privelage of hosting Chris' Fmaily. Deb and Payton stayed the night and Russ and Angela, and Jayden and Ashlyn and Cadence all came to Church and stayed over for fun and dinner. It was fun to see them all and play with the kids. Chris and I really enjoy hosting people at our house, so come any time... and we had a lot of fun with everyone over.
So it goes to show what happens when you celebrate 8/08/08. It's like Christmas, when you celebrate it, you get presents, when you don't you don't. WE celebrated 8/08/08 and we had some awesome blessings and fun things happen... I don't even want to imagine life without 8/08/08.... I just can't wait until 9/09/09. We could play

Sunday, August 3, 2008

So this last week has been interesting, fun and a little crazy.
On Tuesday we had a huge test in out math class. This was the last test, the deep stuff that makes you actually sit there and go Hmmm for 10 min a problem. Well davie did awesome. He got an A-. Thats my super star! he told me he ound a secret way to make the graphs on our calculator instead of solving the problem. I on the other had, did not do so well. I'll just leave it at that.

To celebrate we went bowling and had nachos. Bowling was awesome. We made up dance moves to do when we got strikes and spares. The little kids around us thought we were pretty cool and tried to imitate us when they got their own strike/spare.

I also watched many foreign films to use as extra credit in my Humanities class. This was done in between helping an unknown neighbor move in next door. Some people around us are kinda....different, but I want to be nice to them so they will not break into my home. or so they will say "hey, the person who lives there is nice to me, i think i'll stop who ever is breaking into their house right now". So I made him Mint choclate chip icecream. So this 50+ year old did the whole arms in the air and yelled "Mint chocolate chip!"... yeah, very interesting.

Davie and I also recieved a big bad of apricots. i asked myself "what should i do with a big bad of yummy apricots?" well i started with a batch of sweet and sour chicken. its this easy:


1 8oz bottle RUSSIAN dressing.
1c pured apricots.
1 pkt of Lipton's onion dry onion soup.
stir and pour over 4 chicken brests.
Bake in 8" dish. oven 375 for 45 min.
Serve over rice or over stirfry veggies. Davie gave the chicken a 10 and the vegies with the sauce a 7.5. he told me he doesnt really like vegies but with the sauce it was pretty ok.

I also made apricot icecream. Well, I did throw in a peach and a handfull of raspberries. Davie LOVES peaches and I like raspberries. I must say home made apricot ice cream is far better than any icecream I have ever had. It ruined all other icecreams for me.

Then lastly I made fruit leather. I just pureed (is that right--pureed?) the appricots and a few more raspberries with 1/4 c sugar and poured it into a wax paper cookie sheet and put it in my car. You are supposed to put it into the sun but I didn't want neighbors, children, birds or bees to get it. (I wrote about the birds and the bees...ha ha) Cides, the car can get hotter, right?

Davie and I also went to the new batman movie. So I gotta vent something real quick. I have seen so many childrens toys, costume ads and other childrens parfinelia for this new batman movie . THIS IS NOT A KID'S SHOW! I didnt even reall like it. yeah batman is a good guy but the other bad guys were E-V-I-L! We went to the drive in and there were about 20 under 8 year olds around us. I felt I was not even old enough to be there. It is rated pg-13 for a reason!!!!! gosh!
does this looks like a movie kids should see? i think my point is made.

lastly i wanted to made a quick list of little things that make me kinda smile.

***pulling the toilet paper out and karate chopping it.
***paging the new girl at work "Lisa you have a call line 7. Lisa line 7" (they only go up to 5)
***feeding my birds boiled eggs. ha ha they like them alot
***hearing little kids pray and say "bless jesus" or "thank you for Heavenly Father"
***poking davie in the neck (i dont know why i like this when he hates it so much)
***(know that the tubing for my wiper fluid is broken and it actually kinda sprays off to the right of my car) i like to squirt the clean window of the person next to me and watch them spaz out like it was going to get them
***telling children that ants eat diandilions and watching them pick them all as fast as they can to make sure everyone gets some food
***scaring davie when he comes home. Sometimes i'll hide for 10 min
***shaping randome things into a heart and then sending a picture of it to davie, ie. food, a cut up old credit card, hair from davie's hair cut, or laundry.
***at work when asked how long i have been here, i tell them that today is my frst day. I then open the needle packet.
***when i get a text from some number i dont know i respond in a way that makes them think i am an EX boyfriend/girlfriend. "I knew you would come crawling back someday"
***making comments to davie and his family that i might be pregnant. mostly toward davie's dad since he seems to be the best target for this and not know when we are joking.
***recording myself badly singing silly songs and making that davie's new ring tone.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Look what I did while I was working at the Library

So I was just introduced to the benefits of Photbucket, Shutterfly, Flikr, Fotki, and Zoomonga. And first of all, whats with the names? They all sound like naughty words... Flikr... Fotki!?
Anyways, I had to put my work onto our blog. Check out what I did at the library today!