Friday, June 11, 2010


WOW! How time flies!

Here is a quick update that is up-to-date.
We have moved into Davie's parents house. We are house sitting while davie's parents are on a mission in New York (YEA!!!) We are loving having a garden and a beautiful yard to plant flowers and pull weeds. secretly chris loves to pull weeds, especially dandylions in grass :) weeeeird!! For Davie's birthday we set up a projector outside and watch a movie on a big screen. It was alot of fun to see our friends. We love them and say "THANK YOU FOR COMING!" Sadie and Buffy also loved having people over. Motly because they were able to steal any unattended hamburger or hotdog.

In other news, Chris got a job working at the U of U! :) She loves it there and is excited to start doing dialysis in the hospital. The best part is that they will pay half tuition for both of us. WE ARE VERY EXCITE! :D Davie is still attending the U and working on is Batchlors degree in Communication, and is Library science degree. He is even taking classes this summer with his full time job at the library.

Lastly, we are still looking for a house. We are being very picky and want to find the perfect house. We'll have a big house warming party when we get it, so keep your eyes pelled for the invite.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Keys locked in the car. Hey it happens.

So Chris and i have been really enjoying our weekly Wednesday night Dates. We've done some fun stuff, and its been a great thing to look forward to. This last Wednesday though was a true test for me.
Chris and I invited our friends Dan and Kyli out to eat with us at this great Indian restaurant, The Star of India. We got there all excited. I dont know what happened, because I am very good at always checking my pockets before I go anywhere, even getting out of the car. Well, I parked the car and jumped out with everyone else. Locked the doors once everyone had left the car, and marched all happy toward the parking exit. Chris says, umm, is the engine still running?
Yes, acutally, it was. I had looked the car with the engine running inside a parking garage! I was almost hysterical. I couldn't stand it. Thats when Chris jumped in. She said, lets call someone to bring something to open the car and we'll go eat while they are getting to the parking lot. I was way frustrated but agreed. After I took a few long moments to breathe camly, I relaxed and we had a great evening. Our friend Will showed up just as we'd finished eating and we opened up the car with these great hot dog roaster rods we have. Date night saved!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Out of the Darkness, and Into ReBlogging

So I know that you'll all be impressed, I'm taking the time to break our almost year-long boycott to grace you with my words once again ;)
How is everyone? (that's an invitation to commment on this post ;)
We are doing super well. After a grueling 9 month period, our refinance went through and we are now living sweet with a 4.875 percent interest rate on our condo. Woot Woot... or I guess its actually w00t w00t... (Check the newest edition of the Webster's dictionry. i'm serious, woot is now officially a part of the English language. Now we need to work on LOL.)

So since we were able to get our condo refinanced we are buying a house. We didn't think we'd be jumping in so quick but we found a house, put an offer on it and now we're waiting to here from the bank, since it's a short sale. Grantsville had better be ready for us, cause we're about to rock their horse owning boots off! (I hear that a lot of people in Grantsville have horses... and boots for that matter) We offered $93,000 even though it was listed at $124,000 at the time. What can we say... we're always looking for a steal! We were the only offer since they put it up for sale in July, so we might pull it off!

In other news, Chris continues to be incredible, amazing, wonderful, and in possesion of that innate ability to always know what I need and have it ready for me. She made cookies and we took them around to some of the investigators in our ward. I love Missionary Work! Anyways, not only did she have the cookies all wrapped up in baggies and with a super inspiration message attatched to them, she had also made me a pizza to eat. I don't know how she knew I was hungry.. or that I really wanted pizza for that matter... Oh, I forgot to mention, that she pulled all this off while recovering from a back injury from snow boarding. Yeah, I don't know how she does it either.
In other news, our frined Gigi has a new, much kinder, sweeter, and loving cat friend. Come on over to meet Leonard (Lenni). He will then spend the next hour either waiting for you to hold him (I dont recommend this route because he will meow until you pick him up and likely push you over as he pushes against your legs), or he will spend the hour in your lap, or cuddling your neck like a baby. yeah, he's definately helping with the baby hunger here. So men, if you are suffering from spousal hypochildhunger then have them come visit Lenni. She'll be cured instantly!

We would like to thank everyone for being our buddies, and for those that read this, remember, we asked how you were doing, and we ask that in all seriousness... we are not the kind of people who give off greetings and invitations unsincerly. We are excited to hear from you!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


First off all i'd like to list a few things we should all be boycotting:

Wal-Mart. They take business from good quality businesses and then give you junk that falls apart when you plug it in.

Star-Kist Tuna. Nancy Pelosi, with all her great qualities, has taken advantage of her station and made regulations that gives Star-Kist (her husband's business, and a foreign one at that that does not pay U.S. taxes) a huge benefit over American tuna companies.

Starbucks. You shouldn't be drinking coffee ;)

State Liqour Stores. You shouldn't be drinking alcohol. Even if you need the antioxidants.

Ford Motor Company. Apparently they stole the window wiper idea from some inventor and didn't want to give him credit. They also, because they had more influence and money, beat out the steam engine car. We could be running on water today if that hadn't happened!

Jiffy Peabut Butter. It's just not as good as Adam's Peanut Butter. (this is a registered fact ;). Ask Chris.

I am also now going to boycott (or why can't it be girlcott?) writing in this blog until at least five people sign up as followers. We are creaing a cult here and we need followers for it to work. So, we are great... fine and dandy and we would love to MSN you with our webcam...
Until then, You will hear from us again once you sign up. (Thanks in advance ;) especially to Lizz cause she already signed up).
Hasta la Vista.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

So May has been a month filled with flowers. At least our house has been filled with flowers. I got Chris some lilies at the beginning of the month and then she added some purple lilacs from the neighborhood lilac tree.
(It isn't in anyone's yard so it's flowers are for everyone!)
Then just last night we went late at night and raided another lilac tree, this one is in front of an abandoned building so they aren't getting appreciated enough. We actually are doing those vain flowers a favor by covering our house with them ;).

I have been getting Chris flowers for many reasons, and because she is just awesome. Did you know that she was taking three classes while working full time this semester! I barely made it with one... so she's cool and the coolest part.... she did great in all of those classes! I am so stinking proud of her!
So the next time you see Chris, don't feel bad, she's just smarter than you and that's okay. Just accept it ;).

Monday, April 13, 2009

...And the Bunny Lays the Eggs?

Easter has got to be a chickens favorite holiday. They lay eggs daily, sometimes when the workers trick them into an 18 hour day they lay more... what a hard life! So I'm impressed that they figured out a way that once a year they get some bunny to lay all thier eggs for them. Women should learn something from the chickens, make the guys have the babies once a year. Course then the babies would probably end up in shells for a few weeks and hatch into lizards or something... It sure wouldn't be chocolate goodies...
So we have had a great weekend. Easter was so fun. Chris' parents and us went to Delta, watched movies, ate tons of food, rode the 4 wheelers while we watched the insane mayhem of people down at the Little Sahara

(Easter seems to be a huge hit there now, we've thought about selling navajo tacos there next year to make bank...), and we played some baseball! It was really fun but I think we are all sore today from hitting the ball so much. I was suprised at myself that once I wasn't as afraid that I was going to line drive the ball at Chris or Carl, I was hitting okay. I've never been able to hit baseballs before, ask Ty, my friend since childhood that always tried to teach me, but my strike zone seemed to only be above my head....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're All April Fools

So this has been a traumatic and funny day... and Isn't that what it's all about?
So first off all, When I got up to go to work, everyone else had already gone, I discovered that Gigi was gone!
I searched the house and cupboards fifteen times. Then I searched all the neighborhood and no Gigi! I was panicking so I finally told Chris. i went to her work to tell her and after i did, she started laughing. I thought, why is she laughing about Gigi being gone? And then she said, "Good April Fools, Davie..." But I wasn't joking. I spent five minutes trying to convince her i wasn't kidding when she finally had to go home and check for herself. She called and said, "Davie, Gigi's gone!" And I thought, no you get it. Nothing bad should ever happen on April 1st cause no one believes it!
Then later I get a picture text of a positive Pregnancy test from Chris. I just said, you'd better not be joking because I can't handle all these emotions all at once....
Well, i was about 80% sure she was kidding, but that 20% can really get to you... so I thought of a plan. If she was kidding then I'd get her back, and if she wasn't then i would get bonus points.... So I took her flowers and a mommy-to-be card to her work and let everyone there know how happy I was to be a Daddy! Turns out she used a red marker for the Prego Test... and I got her back cause all her coworkers were worried that I'd be mad... but that's not me, I don't get mad, I get even...
Then with the blessing of technology I sent out a facebook message saying that Chris was pregnant, and my family freaked! They were all so excited it almost hurt to tell them the truth. Then they said "You're sick. Funny, but sick..."
So to end the day, I went home, dreading not finding Gigi, when as I got to the house I saw a flicker of movement behind our porch chair. I checked under the flaps, dreading that I was just imagining things, when there He was! Gigi was okay! I took him inside, and after a long snowy day outside, he ate and wanted ten minutes of petting time.
Anyways, Happy April "Do-Something-You've-Always-Wanted-to-Do-But-Don't-Want-To-Get-In-Trouble-For-It" Day!