Friday, June 11, 2010


WOW! How time flies!

Here is a quick update that is up-to-date.
We have moved into Davie's parents house. We are house sitting while davie's parents are on a mission in New York (YEA!!!) We are loving having a garden and a beautiful yard to plant flowers and pull weeds. secretly chris loves to pull weeds, especially dandylions in grass :) weeeeird!! For Davie's birthday we set up a projector outside and watch a movie on a big screen. It was alot of fun to see our friends. We love them and say "THANK YOU FOR COMING!" Sadie and Buffy also loved having people over. Motly because they were able to steal any unattended hamburger or hotdog.

In other news, Chris got a job working at the U of U! :) She loves it there and is excited to start doing dialysis in the hospital. The best part is that they will pay half tuition for both of us. WE ARE VERY EXCITE! :D Davie is still attending the U and working on is Batchlors degree in Communication, and is Library science degree. He is even taking classes this summer with his full time job at the library.

Lastly, we are still looking for a house. We are being very picky and want to find the perfect house. We'll have a big house warming party when we get it, so keep your eyes pelled for the invite.

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