Saturday, September 27, 2008

Killer Bunnies

In the words of the famous Ninja, "I hate Bunnies! And by bunnies I mean Stupid People."
So Chris got me this super fun, silly game called Killer Bunnies. We played it with our married friends and Some liked it, others did not... I just had fun killing all the bunnies. I think Chris felt bad that all the bunnies died. Especially after the Cyber Bunny and the Asteroid massacred them all.

We "remodeled" our house! I love how everything is now. It's cozy. And in amazing news... we have television! The whole time we've lived in our condo, we've never had our T.V. plugged into the cable. We just watched DVD's.
The reason was that the reception is "snowy". We don't care, it's like we have had commercial withdrawls. We leave the T.V. on just to have the noise. Yea, we're weird.

I got excited that I could actually watch the news. Funny thing is... I'm obssessed with politics and the "Big Debate" was on last night. But once it came on, I put in a DVD... that was weird of me.

Chris is a saint. "Chris the Saint"... sounds good. She has the day off today, and instead of taking it easy, as I would have done, she has washed, ironed, and starched all my clothes. I have never had anyone iron my clothes, let alone, starch them! Thanks babes!

Friday, September 12, 2008

An Eventful September

So we have a few events to bring y'all up to speed. I always hate getting behind because there are things that i wanna write that i totally space later and then they're gone. It's like I need this virtual public journal so that i can actually have memories. I lose them if i don't write them down.

First of all, Our little babies, Princess and Oreo have gone to nice homes where they will have more attention than they can handle. And they needed a lot of attention.... It was amazing that Labor Day, within 10 minutes of each other, two families came and picked one up. We both kinda miss them, but then we just remeber the yellow puddles, and we don't miss them as much. Even still, they were perfect cute little puppies...

I have this chance to publicly brag, maybe that's why I like this blog thing, but I got my wife some outstanding flowers the other day... you be the judge of how much i love her... (yea, I know, a lot. Look how big and beautiful they are!)

We also had this very fun BBQ that we set up as a chance to bond with ward members around our complex and also get some new faces... maybe get them to church too... who knows... Well, it was sooo fun and the food spectacular. We went a nd invited some people to come in that we didn't know and it was all going great. What a great gospel experience. Well, then it went bad. One of the "happy to be invited" characters decided to take the keys of our new found friends who had just moved in and got married two weeks before. We didn't think that happended though so we spent the remaining hours searching our clubhouse for the keys. They never showed so we spent another half hour finally breaking into thier house and gettting them settled. Well, that night they took thier car battery out of the car, and thank goodness they did because the next day they found all the change gone and a meth pipe in the car! I mean seriously, what kind of person does that? We offer them friendship and food, and they offer a meth pipe!? Anyways, the kid got carted off to jail and had a run in with some of the other people who live here who were also glad to have the kid taken away for things they had had done to them by the same kids. Well, I guess you can't trust everybody. This experience has put a bit of a damper on our willingness to jump out and fellowship people. We still will, it's our nature and love, but now we'll be strongly cautious... it's too bad that this world is so stupid sometimes.... but hey, even so, we made great friends who still like us even after it.

Next I would like to mention how much fun, and I had no idea, that jello tossing can be. Chris had some cravings... yea... okay no, she's not prego yet... but she wanted some jello. So we bought some and she was eating and driving as we went home. We stopped at a light and a van full of teehage boys with hormones raging pulled up. Now Chris is gorgeous, so these guys jumped all over this stop light meeting to get her number and everything. Yes, i was indeed jealous. Well, Chris then snickers and says, "Want some Jello!?" Of course they did. So she threw it at them! Haha! I couldn't stop laughing. Then they wanted more! One jumped out of the car and grabbed some and the others only watched as jello flew around them and all over the van! I love my wife. And don't you forget it, or you'll be the one with Jello all over your car!