Friday, January 29, 2010

Out of the Darkness, and Into ReBlogging

So I know that you'll all be impressed, I'm taking the time to break our almost year-long boycott to grace you with my words once again ;)
How is everyone? (that's an invitation to commment on this post ;)
We are doing super well. After a grueling 9 month period, our refinance went through and we are now living sweet with a 4.875 percent interest rate on our condo. Woot Woot... or I guess its actually w00t w00t... (Check the newest edition of the Webster's dictionry. i'm serious, woot is now officially a part of the English language. Now we need to work on LOL.)

So since we were able to get our condo refinanced we are buying a house. We didn't think we'd be jumping in so quick but we found a house, put an offer on it and now we're waiting to here from the bank, since it's a short sale. Grantsville had better be ready for us, cause we're about to rock their horse owning boots off! (I hear that a lot of people in Grantsville have horses... and boots for that matter) We offered $93,000 even though it was listed at $124,000 at the time. What can we say... we're always looking for a steal! We were the only offer since they put it up for sale in July, so we might pull it off!

In other news, Chris continues to be incredible, amazing, wonderful, and in possesion of that innate ability to always know what I need and have it ready for me. She made cookies and we took them around to some of the investigators in our ward. I love Missionary Work! Anyways, not only did she have the cookies all wrapped up in baggies and with a super inspiration message attatched to them, she had also made me a pizza to eat. I don't know how she knew I was hungry.. or that I really wanted pizza for that matter... Oh, I forgot to mention, that she pulled all this off while recovering from a back injury from snow boarding. Yeah, I don't know how she does it either.
In other news, our frined Gigi has a new, much kinder, sweeter, and loving cat friend. Come on over to meet Leonard (Lenni). He will then spend the next hour either waiting for you to hold him (I dont recommend this route because he will meow until you pick him up and likely push you over as he pushes against your legs), or he will spend the hour in your lap, or cuddling your neck like a baby. yeah, he's definately helping with the baby hunger here. So men, if you are suffering from spousal hypochildhunger then have them come visit Lenni. She'll be cured instantly!

We would like to thank everyone for being our buddies, and for those that read this, remember, we asked how you were doing, and we ask that in all seriousness... we are not the kind of people who give off greetings and invitations unsincerly. We are excited to hear from you!