Thursday, February 28, 2008

Look at the Little Love Birds.. Aww

Theme Parties and My Lovely Wife, Chris

Well, I knew Chris would love her Finding Nemo Birthday, but I din't know how much. It's her favorite Disney movie and she's been asking to watch it for months, so that sent me on preparations to make the coolest B-Day ever. With Nemo of course.
To start out, I set up, at 4 in the morning on her B-Day (yesterday), a big treasure hunt. She had to go all over the house and even out in the shed to find her presents and the next clues. She told me, while she was doing it, that "I have such a big smile on my face right now." THa made me very happy, since I had to be at work won her birthday.
Well, after she got to sleep in and watch Evan Almighty, her next clue sent her to my work. She had to talk to people here at my work and they each had letters to fill in the blanks of her next clue. It took a while (since she had to work here as well. Not just party) but she figured it out. And that clue told her the theme of Finding Nemo.
Next, was a trip to Toelle to find her a B-Day Bird Present (and a companion for Peetree who has been overly lonely recently. But Again, my wife took up the challenge and has been so sweet to "him" now. I love that part of her, she's soooo sweet.). Well, once we finally got there and an hour later, we entered this animal crazy house where that animals are treated better than the kids... sad really. Well, this lady had a ton of cockatiels and all sorts of colors. But two ended up standing out the most. They look a lot like peetree but with a lot more yellow on the body instead of gray and white. Well, we decided on the one that should be a girl (since Peetree is probably a boy) and got him a mate. Well, at least a friend with benefits... So we then brought them home and were ready to set off for din-din at Joe's Crab Shack. But as we entered the house, a man was sitting on our couch. I knew it was Chris' dad (cause we had aranged previously that her parents were going to come for dinner, bless thier hearts, Chris loved it) and Chris screamed. Then she thought "why isn;t he trying to run and take off with our T.V. or something... well, he didn't becasue he gave us the T.V. and his is better anyways.... well, we went and ahd a great dinner and We had tons of fun with her parents. Then we had to leave... they went back to Delta... crazy.... and we went to my parents house for cake and ice cream.
My om had made a cool cake with nemo characters on it and candy sea weed on a "water" frosting background. I was surprised how much Chris loved it. I guess she hadn't ever had a cake like that. Well, babes... Happy Birthday. I hope you loved it and we'll watch your new Nemo movie maybe tonight..

Editors Side Note: In Reference to the new "Companion" for Peetree: This morining I woke up to singing. Peetree sang to his new shorty all morning long. He kept standing over her and just staring at her. Then he'd climb in front of her on the cage and stare... then he'd climb back up and stare and serenade her the whole time. It was very cute, but then he wouldn't jump onto my finger. I feel kinda jealous... he likes her more than me... Man, just cause I don't have any lady hormones...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Main Man Rick (with added story about Awesome Kids)

So Chris and I have been praying for chances to help other out. And we have been given quite a few interesting ones. Just this morning, I was in the turning lane behind a guy on my way to work... when his car starts on fire. First there was a ton of smoke, and I'm thinkin.. whats this guy doing. Then I figured he probably needs some help so I jumped out, along with some nice Tongan guy behind me, and we pushed his car across traffic into a parking lot. We were being nice but the other drivers on the road need some nice lessons. We're pushing a car out there and cars are driving all around us! Are they nuts!
Well, yes... anyways, we had a chance to help someone at Church on Sunday. I was in my Gospel Principles class when we got introduced to a nice guy named Rick. I thought... Hurray! A Missionary Opportunity!... So after class, I approached him and talked to him a bit. He said he was lonely after his first girlfriend died and his wife divorced him and now his recent girlfriend wants to "move on." (We heard this same story quite a few times actually. I feel really bad for Rick) Well, I invited him over to our house with the missionaries (who were conveniently right next to us) and asked them for dinner and a discussion... hoping Chris would be all cool with it. Well, after Church, I got Rick planned to get picked up by the missionaries and approached Chris with the news. Like the wonder that she is... She not only said it would be great, but she had actually already signed up that very same day to have the missionaries come over for dinner at our house. So we had both planned on the missionaries coming over... we were totally following that telepathic married link that we've been developing late at nights with our minds.
Well, we got all excited and cleaned the house and Chris cooked up a magical wonder of wonderful food. When the missionaries arrived.. they didn't have Rick.. so off we drove in my little car to Ricks... (Editors Side Note: One of the Elders is 6 foot 10 inches tall... he didn't like my car very much.) We picked up Rick, who had just eaten dinner and came over to our banquet. Well, we had a scrupmtous dinner, which the missionaries loved as did I (I always love Chris' cooking) and so did Rick... again and again. I think he ate two plates full... and he'd already had dinner. And he had another plate after the lesson!
Then we sat down and the missionaries gave us this wonderful, spiritual lesson... hoping to get the sparks going so that Rick would be baptized. Everything went perfectly... he even said that this is the only Church that can be true. All the other ones are wrong. Then they asked him what would keep him from getting baptized in the Church? "I already did that." He says. Oh... so your LDS? "Yea. When I was 12 I got baptized." What?!!! So why didn't you let us know sooner? oh well, I'm glad he knows that our Church is true and that he would get baptized in it if he wasn't already. Now its my job to help him stay active in the Church.
So one more thing... I had an awesome time with the Awesome Kids that I teach weekly today. The lesson today was on Service. So I had them all make a "Get Well Soon" card for kids at the Primary Children's Hospital. Thier cards are sooooo cute and perfect. I know they are going to touch some kids lives... and definately will touch every mothers little heart strings for sure! My two favorites were this beautiful and colorful card that said "Get Will Soon" on it. And the other was from a really excited boy who drew a robot (thats what he told me it was at least) and then he wrote "I love Mom. To: Mom." Hahaha... I hope the kid can't read who gets that one. His mom will appreciate it though. I told them to write them for the kids but I guess he decided some mom needed a card too. How sweet of him.


So I think I had the coolest.. and my most favoritest Valentines Day ever. FOrst off all, Chris gave me that awesome singing Ballon that says, "Hot, Hot..." Over again. I loved that. And then we got to sleep in... and then we went out... all decked up like superstars... well, super spies and super stars. I bet you can't guess which one of us was the super star and who was the super spy.... Okay I was James Bond and Chris was Katherine Heigl... now do you know who was who?
Well, we went and took pictures... and even though Chris (Heigl) is way too modest to admit it, she is gorgeous... ALWAYS. She is so photogenic its like a natural talent... nay... a Gift!
After taking those really nice pictures. I took Chris to a dinner date. Now, she has been bugging me for days since I set the reservation, trying to find out where we were going. And I was able to keep it a secret up to the moment we were heading over there. She was soooo Happy and excited. And after eating a half ton of meat, she said she loved me for taking her to Rodizio Grill.
(Editors Note: Davie was the one who actually ate the half ton of meat. Chris ate just like the Princess she is and only ate a quarter ton.)

After that wonderful Date.... we went home and digested in our divine slumber. It was sooo nice. I love my little Valentine!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why Did they Pick Valentines Day in the Winter Time? and The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood

To answer the question, Chris stated it clearly: "So lovers will snuggle up real close."
I previuosly was going to title this "Adventures on Black (Ice) Valentines Day", but even with the nasty weather, Chris and I are having way too much fun.
First of all, we had the nasty storm last night, which Chris daringly braved just so she could come from the East side to the West side and be with me at work... I love that super girl. So we hung out at the library since no one else was cray enough to go out. Once we finished work at 9, we set out on the thrilling, driving adventure on the Black Ice... which was decievingly covered in beautiful white snow... and cars were going out of control everywhere. I can't believe that kids actually had to spend the night at schools in Provo. Thats nuts! Well, nuts, and really exciting. I remember I loved when it snowed like this as a kid.
Well, on our drive, we headed onto Bangerter Highway and just as we turned onto it a 4WD SUV spun out right in front of us... but not just a litle bit. It was like a 480 degree spin that almost took it off the road, over the cliff and into some housing about 30 feet down... that guy was super lucky he didn't slide one foot more... and that was enough to convince me to stay under 20 mph. Well, that and Chris kept telling me too... that helped too. Well, on the way home, we stopped at a grocery store and had a secret Valentine Adventure. We both got each other gifts without letting the other one know what it really was. I got Chris some chocolates, a cool house plant, and a cute card. She bought baking items so I had to guess what it was. Turns out it was some amazing fudge. I loved it, and the singing card she gave to me was so Special.. thanks babes. So the night was lots of fun, and we did end up cuddling since it was so snowy and cold outside. Yep, my wife is always right.
Well, today was kinda sad because we are both working and we wont really see each other at all until 9 tonight. So thats why we did Valentines yesterday and tommorrow. Well, even though I was out teaching kids this morning, I wanted to do something romantic and memorable for Chris. She gave me the idea when she called and said that she was jealous that all the other girls were getting flowers and got to wear thier "invisible tiaras" all day. So I got to work and bought her a real tiara and took it to her before I went to the library. I have to one-up all the other guys right, so figured flowers are nice but with a real tiara, everyone gets to see how special she is. She really gets to be the Princess. So thats what she got to do today. I hope you love being royalty honey.
Now, I'll let her tell the rest of today, but I wanted to tell a story that I told the kids at school. Did you know that Little Red Riding Hood is a Valentines Day Story? Why else whould she be wearing Red? And so goes the story.....

Little Red Riding Hood got home from school and ran to her room to play her playstation. Her mom came in and asked her to go to her Grandmas House and give her a Valentines Day card and some chocolates because Granny was feeling lonely today.
Little Red just said, "Whatever Mom" and continued playing her game. A lttle while later, Mom came in again and asked Little Red to also do her homework before she went to Grannys. Little Red just said, "Whatever Mom."
Mom came up once more and told Little Red that she needed to leave soon so that she would be home before 6 because thats when dinner would be. And if she was late, she'd miss out on Dinner. Little Red just said, "Whatever Mom," and continued playing. She wanted to get to level 25. She hadn't listened to a thing Mom had said.
Well, finally Little Red beat level 25 and decided to stop playing. She got up and went downstairs and realized she was suddenly bored. So she asked Mom, "Hey lady, what is there to do around here? I'm Bored."
"Bored?!! Have you not heard anything I asked you to do?"
"Umm. No mom. What do you need?"
Flustered, Mom repeated all that she wanted Little Red to do, and added, "Oh.. and if someone comes and talks to you, Don't talk to them and never leave the path okay?"
Well, Little Red yelled, "Whatever Mom," as she raced out the door to Granny's house. All she heard was go to Grandma's house... nothing more.
Well, because someone silly decided to have the Holiday in the Wintertime, there was snow all over the ground. Little Red soon reached the woods and decided she'd take a short cut and walk through less snow. Well, sure enough, once she started off on the shortcut, she quickly became lost.
Along came a decently dressed business man named "Big Bad Wolf". Don't be fooled by his dress, he was a bad wolf for sure. Well, he walked up to Little Red and Asked, "Hey Little girl, What are you doing out here?"
Little Red responded, "I'm off to my Grandma's House but I've gotten Lost."
"Don't worry Little girl. I live in these Woods and I know just how to get to Granny's house. Just head down that path there and you'll get there in no time."
Well, the wolf did know the woods well and he had sent Little Red down the long way to Granny's and he took a Short Cut.
The Big Bad Wolf arrived at Granny's first and walked right in. Well, Granny wasn't there, she was out Snowboarding, so he decided to dress up as Granny and hide in the bed for Little Red.
Soon enough, Little Red showed up at Granny's house. And as she walked in she Realized... what am I doing here? She'd never really listened to her Mom. Well, it was Valentines Day so she said, "Happy Valentines Day Grandma."
The Wolf responded, "Happy Valentines Day, Little Red."
Little Red, thought for a moment, wow, Granny needs to stop smoking. She sounds terrible. The Wolf whispered, "Come here Dear and give Granny a hug."
Little Red walked right up to the Wolf and gave him the biggest hug ever.
Suddenly the Wolf thought... wow, no one has ever given me a hug like that. I don't want to eat her... I... "Little Red, will you be my Valentine?"
With a whoosh, Little Red flew out the door and ran all the way her house. That wasn't Granny! That was the Bad Wolf!
And the poor Bad Wolf was left there, missing his only new friend.
When Little Red got home, Mom was there standing and tapping her foot irritatedly. "Little Red! Where have you Been? It's 8 oclock!"
Little Red then explained all that she had done and how she had had to ask the Wolf where to go because she was lost...
"You talked to the Wolf?!! Little Red... didn't you listen to anything I told you..."
"Ummm, no Mom... Sorry."
"Oh Little Red. If you had only listend to me when I told you, you would've known why you were going to Grandmas, and you wouldn't have strayed off the path and gotten lost. And you surely would've never met that furry Bad Wolf. Little Red, have you learned your lesson?"
"Yes Mom, I'll go do my homework right Now!"
And the Lived Happily Ever After once the snow all melted and they could drive around again without having crazies running off the road all over. The END

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

HOW TO: fix a "rough patch"

SO! after nearly a whole year of marrage i have found an excellent way to get through a "rough patch". One person has to say, ok i'm ready to be over this and then announce out loud to the other person 3 things they really love abou the other person. Nothing they really want to hear at the time but 3 things you acutally love about them. Then it is the next persons turn and follow. **MEN-- it especially works when you have a piece of chocolate or something to give too. ;)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Library Fairies and Voting Blues

So I have to say, especially after my last comments about the Library Phenomenon. So I think the Library fairy has recruited some other little magic fairies to help us out here at Kearns. Why do I say this? First of all, we haven't had any big fights ever since they started the bathroom parties... and thats a great trade. And second, the kids are smiling a lot more here, and even.. they come up to the desk and ask for papers to color - from me!!! Chris!! I made some little friends!!! Today a couple different kids actually started getting annoying because they were following me around as I was doing my work... it's nice that I can see that the kids are getting used to me, but I don't know... having little 14 year olds following me around because they don't have anything better to do is not my idea of fun... but hey, at least the library fairies are keeping the kids happy. (and no, by fairies I don't mean any sort of drug.. I only mean to give credit to something unseen and completly illogical, as are all things good coming from teenagers). Also, I think one of those fairies keeps dropping little books into my book drop, making me work instead of blog! How dare he!
So I had to also mention the wonderful opportunity that i gave Chris on Voting Day, to accompany me as a POll Worker at a Junior High School. The fun part was the cool big band era music they played in between classes. Yea, that was the fun part, and hearing all the kids ask for "I Voted" stickers and to vote for Romney... that was fun. I'm glad they are actually at all interested in thier countries future. Kudos go to some great Social Studies teacher. But other than that, the lines.. the irritated "unaffiliated" people, the sitting for 15 hours, and the runs to the bathroom after sharing a 2 liter Rootbeer, were all not exactly ideal. But hey, it was fun to hang out with Chris all day and get paid for it, and the pizza was actually really good. But, yes, I'm sorry Chris. Next year I'll let you vote instead of working the voting booths. Then hopefully you won't have to wait in line for 16 hours...

Monday, February 4, 2008

New Cupboards, The Patron From RudeWorld, and the Library Phenomenon

First of all, about a week ago, my lovely wife surprised me with a wonderful weekend off... I was on my way home and called her, and she said, "Thank goodness you called, I can't decide on which knobs to get. Can you come down to Lowe's and help me?".... Knobs? Lowe's? What? (my thoughts exactly)... I said yes. Then i got there and found out that we had paint, brushes, and all other neccessary items to repaint and redo the knobs in our kitchen... well, that wasn't my idea of the ideal weekend off, but I had Newleyweds with Jessica Simpson (I knew she would love it) in the car and I really wanted those cupboards changed so it works. Yes, for those men reading this in awe... I did, completly on my own, the newlyweds for Chris to watch... with me... yes I admit it. It was probably the one thing that made painting 6 hours straight bearable... that and Cinderella 3... well, to end that long project (many days later), last night we had our new hinges as well, and we started the project to reponerlos (put them back on the shelf for everyone who doesn't understand Espanol). Well, I put Chris to sleep... (yea, if I have the same effect on our kids, our kids will spend a lot of their time asleep, at least If i have any say on it), and while she slept, I got to work screwing all those ity-bity screws in the hinges and onto the cupboards... with my bare hands! Yea, I'm the ipitomy of manliness. My bare hands!!!!! Well, okay, with a hand screwdriver, but still. I'm super awesome... no power tools for me! Even though it was sitting out and ready to use. Well Chris woke up, suprised at my manly-work (what a play on words)... and she fell in love with me all over again. i qoute, "It's pretty sexy to watch your husband working hard with his shirt off and tools in his hands." (something like that)
I just need to vent a bit. So here I am, being my wonderfully calm self, when all of the sudden this lady comes up with two bags full of books. She doesn't ask or say anything but drops the bags on the counter in front of me, moves the towering piles of books that I was in the process of checking. She slids them to the side and says that I have to check in her items right then. Okay, I have no problem cattering to people, but where does she get the idea that she can moves my stuff around. Stuff I was actually working on as she moved them... i've never been so "violated." Okay, now I'm over it. Thanks for letting me vent.
Okay... now the phenomenon of the library... To start this out, I do need to explain that the library i work at is not your regular library. You do not come to this library to read, learn, find information, or just to go somewhere renowned for its quietness. No, you come to this library to pick up chicks (of the 14 and under type), dispute gossip heard from school, paint your nails, practice tagging, (no Chris, not your new job, I mean graffity), hang out, have a co-ed bathroom party, make out in the dark corners, and mostly just to use Myspace. So that said, all we deal with on a day-to-day basis are Junior High Kids... which to me is bizarre. I was a nerd in Junior High cause i liked to go to the library. Now the nerds aren't aloud. Its too selective. its the cool kids hangout and the gangster kids hideout. Well, the phenomenon is not just that. The librarians just started handing out applications to work on a youth level commity at the library. And guess what... they were diving at them to get an application... "I want to work at the library" was heard all over! What has happened here? But honestly, that is why I love this job. We really have an effect on the community here that not many other libraries can ever boast. And I love that I get to boast.