Saturday, May 16, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

So May has been a month filled with flowers. At least our house has been filled with flowers. I got Chris some lilies at the beginning of the month and then she added some purple lilacs from the neighborhood lilac tree.
(It isn't in anyone's yard so it's flowers are for everyone!)
Then just last night we went late at night and raided another lilac tree, this one is in front of an abandoned building so they aren't getting appreciated enough. We actually are doing those vain flowers a favor by covering our house with them ;).

I have been getting Chris flowers for many reasons, and because she is just awesome. Did you know that she was taking three classes while working full time this semester! I barely made it with one... so she's cool and the coolest part.... she did great in all of those classes! I am so stinking proud of her!
So the next time you see Chris, don't feel bad, she's just smarter than you and that's okay. Just accept it ;).

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Our Blog said...

i love it when you post stuff. it's fun to take a tiny peek into your life. you guys both kinda just inspire me and i'm grateful to have you in my life.