Tuesday, May 19, 2009


First off all i'd like to list a few things we should all be boycotting:

Wal-Mart. They take business from good quality businesses and then give you junk that falls apart when you plug it in.

Star-Kist Tuna. Nancy Pelosi, with all her great qualities, has taken advantage of her station and made regulations that gives Star-Kist (her husband's business, and a foreign one at that that does not pay U.S. taxes) a huge benefit over American tuna companies.

Starbucks. You shouldn't be drinking coffee ;)

State Liqour Stores. You shouldn't be drinking alcohol. Even if you need the antioxidants.

Ford Motor Company. Apparently they stole the window wiper idea from some inventor and didn't want to give him credit. They also, because they had more influence and money, beat out the steam engine car. We could be running on water today if that hadn't happened!

Jiffy Peabut Butter. It's just not as good as Adam's Peanut Butter. (this is a registered fact ;). Ask Chris.

I am also now going to boycott (or why can't it be girlcott?) writing in this blog until at least five people sign up as followers. We are creaing a cult here and we need followers for it to work. So, we are great... fine and dandy and we would love to MSN you with our webcam...
Until then, You will hear from us again once you sign up. (Thanks in advance ;) especially to Lizz cause she already signed up).
Hasta la Vista.


Our Blog said...

i'm all about the adams peanut butter action, but i am thinking i do need the antioxidants :)

Michelle said...

Those are some great boycotts!

squirrelyTONKS said...

but but but starbucks has fantastic frappachinos! nooo you can't make me give up my starbucks XD