Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're All April Fools

So this has been a traumatic and funny day... and Isn't that what it's all about?
So first off all, When I got up to go to work, everyone else had already gone, I discovered that Gigi was gone!
I searched the house and cupboards fifteen times. Then I searched all the neighborhood and no Gigi! I was panicking so I finally told Chris. i went to her work to tell her and after i did, she started laughing. I thought, why is she laughing about Gigi being gone? And then she said, "Good April Fools, Davie..." But I wasn't joking. I spent five minutes trying to convince her i wasn't kidding when she finally had to go home and check for herself. She called and said, "Davie, Gigi's gone!" And I thought, no you get it. Nothing bad should ever happen on April 1st cause no one believes it!
Then later I get a picture text of a positive Pregnancy test from Chris. I just said, you'd better not be joking because I can't handle all these emotions all at once....
Well, i was about 80% sure she was kidding, but that 20% can really get to you... so I thought of a plan. If she was kidding then I'd get her back, and if she wasn't then i would get bonus points.... So I took her flowers and a mommy-to-be card to her work and let everyone there know how happy I was to be a Daddy! Turns out she used a red marker for the Prego Test... and I got her back cause all her coworkers were worried that I'd be mad... but that's not me, I don't get mad, I get even...
Then with the blessing of technology I sent out a facebook message saying that Chris was pregnant, and my family freaked! They were all so excited it almost hurt to tell them the truth. Then they said "You're sick. Funny, but sick..."
So to end the day, I went home, dreading not finding Gigi, when as I got to the house I saw a flicker of movement behind our porch chair. I checked under the flaps, dreading that I was just imagining things, when there He was! Gigi was okay! I took him inside, and after a long snowy day outside, he ate and wanted ten minutes of petting time.
Anyways, Happy April "Do-Something-You've-Always-Wanted-to-Do-But-Don't-Want-To-Get-In-Trouble-For-It" Day!

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Our Blog said...

i wanted to place an interesting point of notice here and say i'm glad you found gigi and you guys are too hilarious about the preg. test action. ...i should send one to Russ...:)